Pest Control Services for Centerville, OH

If you have tried to rid your home of bugs and they refuse to stay away, contact Command Pest Control. With a decade of pest prevention and control to our name, we are confident that we can get rid of your pest problem.

If when are looking are in need of professional pest control services in Centerville, OH, give us a call at (937) 838-0114. A knowledgeable member of our team will assist you with any questions you have and set you up with an appointment.

Preventative Pest Control

Prevention is an important part of pest control that many homeowners do not consider. When you make your environment uncomfortable or difficult for pests to infest, you won’t need to deal with pest removal at all. At Command Pest Control, we want to help you understand pest prevention so that you no longer have to worry.

When you hire our qualified team to assist you with pest prevention, we provide you with more than a quick fix to your problem. We take the time to inspect your home and learn more about the area. We also take your and your family’s daily lifestyles into account. With all of that information, we formulate a specific plan that will work best for your unique needs.

We truly understand that our customers are the reason we succeed, and that is why we do not simply handle the problem and leave you until you require more assistance. As we go, we ensure to educate you about some of the common problems in your area and why we suggest certain prevention methods.

Don’t settle for quick-fix pest controls that will leave you frustrated and even scared—visit our contact page to find the many different ways to contact us. We will help you schedule an appointment and then assist you with all of your pest problems.